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T-Shirts, Compressor blues, and more fun...

Posted by Joshua Spence on

July 25, 2016

I hope everyone had a blessed and relaxing weekend! Mine was hot but good. Not much work got finished this weekend due to TRYING to wire our 220 for the air compressor. Fun times...Friday night we went to Lowes and told the young man in wiring that we needed 22 feet of 10/3 wire that has the 4 wires. He cuts our wire, we pay and head home. Saturday morning we run the wire only to realize homeboy gave me 8/2 wire with only 3 wires. I spool it back up and head to Lowes for the second time. I get my refund and head back to wiring. Electrical Pro number 2 helps me out. I told him what I needed and watch him this time to make sure he gets me the right wire. I tell him I need 22 feet. He gets it ran off and spooled up for me and then I ask "You sure this is 22 feet? Looks a little short to me." His answer " Yeah man it's actually 24 feet. I gave you 2 extra for free." Once I return home and start the wiring process, I get the wire down one hole and realize I have been shorted so I measure the length. I cannot make this stuff up! 13 Feet of wire. I return back to Lowes for the third time a little less happy this time. I asked where Electrical Pro #2 got his education. Electrical Pro #3 helps me out this time. Electrical Pro #3 should be the only who keeps that title on his badge! So today we will finally get to finish the wiring and have our 60 Gallon Air Compressor up and going. I am thankful for Electrical Pro#3! 

So we have some T-shirts that are available! I really like the way they look. We will have the Tan with Black Logo available and a Charcoal color (not pictured) with a Cream colored Logo available this week. We can also do special order colors if you are wanting a different color. They will be on sale for $12.00. Support small business and look great in one of our t-shirts. Let us know if you would like to order one or twelve!

Let me harp on a subject I mentioned last week. Training. With the number rising of new gun owner the importance of training goes up as well. Whether that is a battle rifle or a handgun for self defense, you need training. A CWP class is an awesome resource for getting started and knowing the laws but it does nothing for your ability when you may need to use your weapon. Training allows you to experience some of the high stress and nerves you may encounter in a real life situation. It teaches you how to address malfunctions that can and will happen. You need to be able to diagnose and solve the issue quickly. Have you ever fired your weapon while laying in the dirt in uncomfortable positions? Most people haven't. Have you fired with your non-dominant hand? Most people haven't. Have you fired while on the move. Most people have not. If you have a budget of $1500-$2000 on a rifle with little to no knowledge of that rifle I would encourage you to buy a solid rifle in the $800 range and spent the rest on training and ammunition. The pretty stuff and frills that you see on a gun will not make you a better marksman or shooter with that rifle as a beginner. The 3.5lb triggers are great and you can really see the difference but you should have experience with that mil-spec trigger first. In close quarters that 15" Free float rail isn't going to make you more accurate. It may let you look like Costa Ludus (aka Chris Costa)! The point is when buying your first rifle, shotgun, or handgun you should seek further training. That training should be continual. One time is not enough. I could go 100 times and learn something new about my rifle, my gear, and myself every time. If you can't afford training right now you should be at a range and getting comfortable with your weapon. With the business starting up this year I haven't been able to train as much as I would like or need to. I will be doing a class on August 13th and this will be my second class this year. If you need suggestions on where to go for training let me know and I can hook you up. There are a few really good places in the Upstate to go. 

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! I hate this heat but fall is steadily approaching and I can't wait. As always...If you need anything let us know and Love Y'all!

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  • Excellent point on training ! High dollar guns and gear don’t make you a good shooter or fighter. It’s competent training from a good instructor and then hard work and practice on your part. A good well planned out class with a competent instructor will give you positive feedback with every round you send down range.

    Dynamic Defense and Gear on

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