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Panic Buying, Prices, and More.

Posted by Joshua Spence on

June 20, 2016

If you have watched the news in the past 2 weeks you have seen the tragedies in Orlando, Florida. You have also seen the call from politicians to impose an "Assault Weapons Ban". We will touch on that in a few minutes. The push for gun control and bans feeds the hording and buying of firearms, parts, ammunition, magazines etc. What we are seeing is probably a mild panic buy right now and a run on AR-15's, Stripped Receivers, and High Capacity Magazines. When you panic buy you feed the bad part of this industry. People will and are going to take advantage of you. For example I was on armslist last night, and what I saw was private sellers and dealers selling stripped lowers for 2 and 3 times what they normally cost. Why is that? People are going to capitalize on the opportunity to take advantage of you. I can tell you for a fact that the price on most lowers has not changed a penny. Be careful who you buy from and try not to get taken advantage of. Our lowers are the same price that they were 2 weeks ago and will stay that way unless we get a price change from the manufacturer. 


What do you see in this picture? 2 Rifles that look very similar yet a completely different. One is a semi automatic rifle that politicians call an "Assault Weapon". One is a selective fire rifle. For girly men that rifle has safe, semi-automatic, and full auto selections. What our politicians fail to tell you is that selective fire weapons can't be owned by regular citizens without proper paper work and is part of the NFA act of 1934. This includes deadly suppressors that allow you to shoot a .50 BMG without even smidge of sound....mmmkay. You have seen the 50,000 facebook posts about the differences in the two so I won't have to dive in further and make our blog and 5 page informative speech. 

Speaking of evil suppressors...we had an awesome day on the range this past weekend. Shout out to Dave at Nalley Arms for inviting us out and letting us try out some fun toys. If you are in the market for a suppressor or suppressor parts go check out Nalley Arms and tell Dave we sent you!


Our little shop has had a really strong month for a business our size and it all thanks to the amazing support of you guys! We have done better than I could have imagined and we will continue to try our best to keep prices down and give you the best service possible.  So far this has been a fun, informative, and somewhat stressful journey. An election year was a tough year to get into this industry but we are growing and pushing forward.


Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there who work hard and strive to provide a Godly example of what a Father/Man is supposed to be for your children. Being a dad to a beautiful little girl has changed me in so many ways and continues to change me every day. 

If you are looking for stripped lowers, we still have some in stock. Let us know if there is anything you are looking for and we will find it for you! God Bless and have a great week!


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