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Growing, Slowing back down, Cranking the work out, and more.

Posted by Joshua Spence on

June 27, 2016

With the blink of an eye we are doing the last blog (unless something important comes up) for the month of June 2016. We are now 2 months into this dream and it has been a fun ride so far. I knew that election year would be a tough year to start a gun shop because of panic buying, establishing contacts in the industry, and being the new guy on the block in the gun world. 2 months in I am buying/spending more on the business and products than I ever thought possible at this early stage. Just walking into my small shop and seeing the amount of stuff I am ordering and have in my shop has humbled me. This past week I had to build a separate display for magazines because I have run out of space and this week we are going to have to add more storage space on the walls. In the grand scheme of things and to other shops this may be small and insignificant but to me it has blown my mind. I have been blessed by friends and family members who are supporting our local small business. Without you guys this would just be a hobby and not a future career. The past two weeks I have been shipping all over the U.S. and that has been another humbling moment for me. How people from Arkansas, Texas, Indiana, Ohio, Louisiana etc. are finding a small shop in tiny Norris, SC is beyond me. God and an awesome brand to market thanks to Jahred Gamez has accounted for that. We are going to strive to keep our prices low and to take care of our customers. 

I feel like this picture represents the 7-10 days following the Orlando tragedy. Stripped Lowers and AR-15 Rifles were flying off the shelves and when distributors were posting inventory they were going out of stock in minutes. That can give you a headache and this is where building the relationships with distributors comes into the equation. I sold out of my in stock lowers in just a couple of days but thankfully I was able to reorder and get stripped lowers back in stock and order rifles for customers that were sold out in most places. The panic buying slow down is welcomed on my end because I can use this time restock and stock up for what is coming in November. I may have mentioned once or ten times before what I think will be inevitable the closer we get to Election Day. Stock up.


We are cranking out some work and trying to get caught back up. We finished spicing up Gary's PSA Freedom Series Rifle last week and he seemed a "bit" excited to get it back and plant some Freedom Seeds in some targets this week. We have a quite a bit to do this week so we will have more photos to post of completed work. 

June is coming to an end quickly and with that comes time to donate a portion of our sales to fighting PTSD and lowering/ending the suicide rate in our heroes who battle with PTSD. Show your support and help us end the month strong for them. 

And to our friends from across the's about time you went out and got your freedom on! Happy Independence!


I hope everyone has a blessed rest of the week and support your local small businesses! Love Y'all!


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