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Cerakote, Election Panic Buying, and more

Posted by Joshua Spence on

August 1, 2016

Man I can't believe it is already August! We have been up and going for 4 months now! That's amazing in my mind. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Today's Blog will be a short one due to working on getting stuff finished in the shop. We may have a nother blog up this week to update projects. Now lets get going. 


We finally finished wiring and working kinks out with the blasting cabinet and compressor so we are now up and going with the blasting and cerakote application full steam. This is one of the things I have been impatiently waiting for. The camo patterns we have are awesome and we are currently working on some sample work to post this week. So stay tuned for that and if you are interested in getting any cerakote work done let us know. 

August is inching us closer and closer to the Election 2016 and with that comes uncertainty and most of us in the gun industry are waiting on something to trigger the panic/fear buying that almost always happens at election time. I can tell you I am already seeing the pool of Stripped Lower Receivers starting to dry up. We still have some in stock but they appear to be selling quickly. If you are wanting a stripped lower pick one (or 10) up soon! Even if you buy it elsewhere, you should probably hurry if you are planning on building a rifle for a reasonable amount within the next 6 months+. 

We had a small batch of our t-shirts that we put up for sale last week. Most of those have sold so we are going to order more. If you would like to get a t-shirt in one of the colors above send us a message withe color you would like, sizes, and quantity. We are very happy with how these shirts turned out!

I hope everyone has a blessed rest of the week and as always....Love Y'all!


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