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Blasting Cabinet Set up and more fun in the Gun World!

Posted by Joshua Spence on

July 18, 2016

Hope everyone had a great weekend and an easy Monday thus far! Our weekend was pretty typical. Working in the shop and time with the family. Always make time for your family!

We got the blasting cabinet put together this weekend. If you have never assembled one of these you are missing out! I tested my my faith, patience, arm reach, and mental fortitude on this thing. When you get something that is 70 pounds and this big when assembled in a box that is 5 inches thick you know it requires "some assembly". I felt like I had purchased this from IKEA with the 1,000+ piece jigsaw puzzle i was looking at once opened. Nothing a little coffee and pep talks couldn't fix! Speaking of coffee if you have never tried Black Rifle Coffee Company Coffee you are being robbed! Stuff is great! Back to the cabinet. It is in and assembled now. We will have the air compressor in today and once that is connected we will be rocking and rolling on blasting parts in a more time efficient way! We are testing the limits on how much the shop can hold. I think we can get a few more things in here. I can't wait to get it going. 

We have got a small shipment of Anderson Manufacturing Engraved Stripped Lower Receivers in. The Spartan and Punisher Lowers are in stock and ready for new homes. If you would like us to provide you with all of the parts to finish a lower or assemble it for you just let us know. We keep those items in stock and ready to build. 

It is a sad state we are in when I am writing a weekly blog and each week I am saying prayers for families and loved ones of Police Officers who are being murdered in the line of duty. This week I guess is no different. I pray for peace and understanding that only God can give to the families of these 3 officers who were willing to give their lives protecting the people of Baton Rouge. I can only hope that their deaths will serve a greater purpose in the lives of the people in Baton Rouge. This country has no room for ignorance on either end of the spectrum. 

I hope everyone has a blessed rest of the work week. As always if there is anything we can do for you or if you have any questions feel free to give us a call or message us! Love yall!

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