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Vacation, D-Day, and more

Posted by Joshua Spence on

June 6, 2016

This weeks blog will be a little different. Vacation is finally here, Remembering D Day, 22 Too Many continues through the end of the month.

Vacation is finally here! We can definitely use a recharge and time with our daughter. This little nugget is so full of life and energy. It's nice to be able to sit back and watch her play and grow. Sometime the hustle and bustle of life can take time away from watching her grow like I want to. So the shop is closed this week and we will focus our time on family. Next week we will be back at it and working in the shop. 

Today marks the 72nd anniversary of the invasion of Normandy. I think most people in my generation forget what this stood for. I could never understand the level of courage that it took for a soldier to walk out onto Normandy Beach. This willingness to fight and die for their country and family is what made this nation great. Our country has fallen a long way in the last 72 years. There are still good people in this country with that same conviction and willingness to protect but my greatest fear for this current generation and that of my daughter is that this will be lost or worse that having that conviction will be frowned upon. Never forget what was lost and gained on this day. Pray for our country and teach your children our true history and raise them to have conviction. 

Our donations to 22 Too Many continues through the end of the month. We're doing a pretty good job already but I think we can do even better. 

Have a blessed week and we will be cranking it back up in the shop soon.


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