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Memorial Day, Some Completed Work, and more

Posted by Joshua Spence on

May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

There is no way to do today's blog without parking here for a minute first. Please take a step back today and truly think about what this day means. This is a day to remember men and women who gave everything so we can have the Freedom's we all enjoy. Your freedom wasn't was earned by the blood of men and women who felt that their lives were not too great a cost for freedom. Throughout our history this country has lost many lives protecting it's freedom. These stats are taken from

American Revolution-Estimated Battle Deaths 25,000

World War I-Battle Deaths 116,516

World War II-Battle Deaths 405,399

Korean War-Battle Deaths 36,516

Vietnam-Battle Deaths 58,209

Gulf War-Battle Deaths 258

Afghanistan-Battle Deaths 2,356

Iraq-Battle Deaths 4,489

Wow. Remember why we have this day. 



We finished up the rifle project for John. We added a new 12" Keymod Free Float Rail, Surefire Light, Magpul Light Mount, Nikon Scope, and Magpul Offset Flip Up Sights. Very happy with the outcome. Now on the next project. Stay tuned...

We are now selling GearCraft Holsters. These are quality handmade holsters crafted by a family owned and operated business in Georgia. We are excited about this new partnership with them.

No comment needed here. #Merica

Here is another example of there work, this IWB is in Kryptek Raid. We can get almost any pattern you can think of to fit any handgun. We offer OWB and IWB Holster from Hexcam, Kryptek, Carbons, etc..


Take time this week to remember what our freedom costs. If you are off work today spend time with friends and family but don't lose sight. Love y'all and God Bless!



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