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First full week in the books and our little shop is holding steady!

Posted by Joshua Spence on

May 16, 2016

The first full week of business at full steam has been good. We are learning what small business is all about still and growing each day in that aspect. The month of May is a generally busy month for us and the new business helps keep the pedal to the floor. We got a few things to touch on today so let's get it!

Our engraved magazines are in and they look awesome! We will have some up in the online store this week if you would like to make that AR/M4 pop just a little bit more! Shout out to the always phenomenal Dalen Creamer at LazerWerk for the awesome job and super fast service. If you would like anything engraved we offer this as a service on our page. 

You know you are a gun nerd when you get jacked about new tools in the shop! This tool, to me at least, is the gold standard in sight tools. The MGW Sight-Pro pushes sights in and out with ease and is a smooth as silk. She has already been put to use in the shop and is awesome!

Daddy had a little helper in is shop this weekend! This little girl keeps us on our toes and is full of life. She is a constant reminder to us what life is about. Some people may not like the fact that she is in the shop with us but safety is number one and typically when she is in the shop I am not working on anything. She will most likely be different than most of her peers in that we will raise her around firearms. She is being and will be continually taught safety around firearms. No we don't leave them loaded and laying around for her to play with but they are a part of our lives. Firearms safety is a very real and important thing that needs to be instilled in your children. 


We posted on our page last week about something we are going to do as an option for our customers. We are calling it "The Rifle Box". It's exactly what the name implies. If you are wanting to build an M4/AR Platform Rifle/Pistol but don't wan to spend the $600+ on a complete rifle right now, this is for you. We would start with a lower receiver and go from there. We have a nice selection to choose from right now. How this will work is you will pay for your rifle part by part. Let's say this week you want to start your build box. You will buy your lower receiver and it will be put in the box. Next week you want to purchase a grip and trigger guard, you pay for that and it is put in the box. You would continue this until you get the desired result. If you're only wanting a complete upper or lower it would work the same way.


We are kicking around the idea of doing a YouTube Channel for the shop. We would use it to show you new products, tools, and tips. We would love feedback on this from our followers so feel free to leave us a comment. 


The winner of our giveaway last week of the Amend2 Hat and T-Shirt is..........Gary Hendricks. Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway. We will be doing more giveaways in the near future. Gary just shoot us a message and let us know which hat you want.


Finishing this weeks blog I just want to do a couple of things. 

1. Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife and best friend.

2. Small bit of advice for shooters and firearm enthusiasts. This is going to be a very tough year for firearms. Price and availability on items is already starting to change. Election years are always touch but this year could be even more so. My advice for you is if there is anything you are going to buy or want to buy this year you need to make the preparations to do so now. I'm not saying you have to buy from our store. Availability on certain items has already started to go down. Prices are also going to go up. Ammunition, magazines and parts will be hard to get the closer we get to November. If you do happen to find them around then you will pay 2-3 times retail if not more. I have had many conversations with friends in the industry and they all say the same thing. Now is the time to buy, don't wait!

Hope everyone has a blessed week!



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