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May has brought a lot of change!

Posted by Joshua Spence on

May 09, 2016


The end of April and beginning of May has brought a rather large change to our small family! If you're reading this blog you already know we have started our adventure into the small business world and firearms industry. The new website and online store is up, we have custom stuff in the shop, firearms to be sold, and trying to get our small fish business out into the big pond firearms industry. 

The Drake Firearms LLC Website and Online store is up. We are adding new items on a daily basis just about. If there is something you need a quote on or an item you want that isn't in stock let us know and we can get it for you. Visit us at

Speaking of website I have to give a huge shout out and thanks to Jahred Gamez for the logo and website design and start up. I can't tell you how awesome it is. Jahred also is a small business owner in the Upstate of SC. if you are looking for a custom, hand made, and veteran made knife, go check him out.


Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful wife and all the Mother's out there! Thanks for all you do. 


We have to custom work going on right now. This Gen 4 Glock 19 got some cerakote love! Slide, Pins, Magazine release and floor plates all were cerakoted in Flat Dark Earth. We added a 3.5lb connector and springs to get his stock trigger weight of 8lbs down to the 3.5-4.0lb pull. Not bad! We also added some sights that he ordered for a one of a kind look. Thanks for your business Gary!


We have quite a few new items up on the online store. We have some new engraved lowers, parts, ammunition, etc. Feel free to go to our site and check out the new stuff. We have more in the coming days and near future.


Where does the name Drake Firearms LLC come from?! I have been asked multiple times in our short existence so I figured I would put this in Blog #1. It's a simple story and according to my website guru Jahred, "That may be the most country and down south thing I have ever heard!" He's from Indiana so I will forgive him this once. Drake was the name of my Labrador Retreiver that my wife (then girlfriend) bought me when she went away for college. Me and Drake went a lot of places together. We were in my truck riding around one day and I pulled into a local gun shop parking lot and I told "One day buddy we will own a gun shop." That started me on this journey years ago and one of the main reasons we are here today. Sadly Drake died last summer and he didn't get to experience this with me in his physical form but he is still with me in my thoughts daily. This one is for you buddy!



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